Rotary Consistency Transmitter

The design of VMBT-2500 Rotating Consistency Transmitter uses know-how technology and has 3 features:

1. High accuracy mechanical seal.

2. High accuracy rotating.

3. Moment measurement; denoise treatment for the signals.

The transmitter ’s operation is based on rotating shear force measurement. Themeasurement signals are sensitive and without zero-drift nearly. It is robustin the turbulent pulp with flow velocity variation and pulp vibration.

The transmitter adopts the pipeline survey with simplified installation andeasily coordinates with controller and DCS.Transmitter has a firm constructionand a good performance in measuring consistence. It can be used to measuredifferent grades pulp. It overcomes the influence of fiber components, degreeof mixing, sweetener, air bubble, pressure, vibration.

The transmitter is consisted of transmitter head, measuring vessel (room) andconverter. Transmitter has a measuring vessel installed on the pipeline.
We have many measuring vessel with different caliber to fix on different pipeline,and different vessel has the same the interface to transmitter head. The mainfunction of converter is to transform the signal of consistency intoconsistency value displaying on the panel and control the transmitter. Outputof converter is RS485 interface and 4~20mA analog interface for connecting to DCS system or CIC controller to construct the close-loop consistency controlsystem which can directlystabilizethe pulp consistency.

Technical Data:
Measurement range: 1.0%~16.0% in weight
Sensitivity: 0.02% in weight
Measurement precision: range×0.5%or 0.03% consistency
Repeat measure performance: range×0.2%or 0.02% consistency
Respond time: 10s
Control precision: range×1% (mean-square error)
Output signal: 4~20mA or RS485
Medium speed: 0.1~5.0 m/s
Medium pressure: 1.0MPa\1.5MPa
Transmitter material: 0Cr18Ni9/00Cr17Ni14Mo2
Medium temperature: 10~120℃
Ambient temperature: 0~55℃
Ambient humidity: 10~85%
Power consumption: less than 400W

Reliability: 25000 h (MTTF)