Business Area

VALTEC's services and product portfolio for the Pulp, Paper and Tissue industry:

Pulp mill

- Wood preparation line

- Batch, DDS batch or continuous tube digesting system
- Washing, screening, cleaning and thickening equipments
- Bleaching plant
- Pulp sheet forming machine
- Evaporation, soda recovery and causticizing plant

Paper mill  

- Writing & printing paper machine and solution (50-130 GSM)

- Newsprint paper machine and solution (40-50 GSM)
- Testliner, Kraftliner paper machine and solution (100-250 GSM)

- Kraft paper machine and solution (70-150 GSM)
- Coated duplex board machine and solution (180-450 GSM)
- Ply bond paper machine and solution (200-800 GSM)
- Specialty grades paper machine and solution (such as tobacco sheet, food packaging grades, decoration grades)

Paper machine components and accessories

Tissue mill

- Crescent former tissue machine (1000+ mpm)

- Crescent former tissue machine (niche speed 600-700 mpm)
- Eco cylinder former tissue machine (100-200 mpm)
- Fourdrinier tissue machine (100-500 mpm)
- Suction former (BF) tissue machine (300-1000 mpm)

Tissue machine components and accessories

Finishing equipment

- Calender

- Slitter rewinder

- Sheet cutter

Stock preparation lines

- DIP line
- LOCC/AOCC treatment line
- Virgin fiber line
- Tetrapak line

- Cup stock line

Stock preparation equipment and accessories

Power plant

- Coal fired CFB boiler
- Biomass fired CFB or vibrating grate boiler
- Double extraction turbine
- Turbo generator
- Boiler auxiliary systems

Process control system (DCS) and equipment

Turn-key project (EPC)

Engineering and process design  

Project management

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