Successful Running of hydraulic headbox at Ruchira

Ruchira Papers Ltd.,a major wheat straw based writing & printing paper producer in the north of India, has been running 2 years with its new hydraulc headbox to meet the demand of better paper quality and higher machine speed.

The new hydraulic headbox supplied to M/s. Ruchira Papers is a DynaFlo SD design with dilution control system and pulse attenuator (PD tank). After the dilution water auto control mode is in use, the 2-Sigma reaches 0.38 within a profile of 3.3 meters producing 58 GSM.

This is the first hydraulic headbox supplied from China to India. It reflects the latest state-of-the-art in terms of headbox technology designed and made in China.

RPL Headbox Installation

RPL Headbox Start-up

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